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PHYTOCOL-ST Testimonial

My own Phytocol-ST testimonial. (Ethan Wang)

I have high LDL cholesterol problem due to my eating habit. I love “fat” and this is basically a typical Malaysian diet. In Malaysia, there are more than 6 million adults like me with high cholesterol problem.

Below is lab test result for my LDL
26-Mar-14:my LDL level is 129 mg/dl which was at unhealthy level.

Then, I started to use the Phytocol-ST with 4 tablets per day (2000 mg of phytosterols). To test the result, I stopped taking OmegaGuard, Lecithin and even reduce the intake of ESP Soy Protein. My diet were very unhealthy – loaded with fat and less fiber, vegatables and fruits.

What happen after 2 months? I tested my LDL level again on 30-May. Test result was 101 mg/dl. Total reduction of LDL level is 22%!!

So, hope you can share the Phytocol-ST with friends and families. Reduction in cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, hypertension and etc.

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